by Topher Adam

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Don't give up a fight, to anything in this lifetime.


Hold on
Hold on
Hold on

Keep holding on,
I cant’ let go,
There’s no where to go,
There’s so much more,
We got to go,
Keep holding on.

You got to hold on,
You can’t let go,
It’s not time yet,
There is so much more we need to know.

Good can come,
Out of the darkest acts.
We can’t keep looking back.
We gotta keep going on,
We gotta keep moving on
And on, and on,
Let’s go, come on,
No way to go back

There’s always a way out,
Even when you’ve lost faith.
We need to make our escape.

Hold on
Keep holding on

Hold on

Good can come,
Good can go,
Good can even come, from what you don’t know.

You can’t keep looking back, keep holding on.
There is always a way out,
Even when you’ve lost hope.
You have to have some faith.
(Have a little faith)

Take my hand,
It’s time to start again.
Pick yourself up
Dust away the shame
Let’s hit the road
It’s time to go
We must, we can’t look back
We go to keep holding on
Holding on
Holding on
Holding on

You got to keep holding on.
Don’t let go, it’s now our time.
There is so much more we need to know.
There is so much more we need to know.
There is so much more you need to know.


released February 10, 2015
Topher Adam



all rights reserved


Topher Adam Las Vegas, Nevada

I have played around with music since I was a small kid. First playing the Viola then Violin and moved onto other things making music up. Music is the voice of the soul and moves me and I may not be a trained professional at music but it makes me happy. I have always sang to myself until 2013 while inspired to do vocals for others. Now the adventure has opened up a whole new outlook to me. ... more

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